Monday, April 13, 2015


Hebrews 4:12 “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (KJV)

Wisdom is only Obtained through Revelation of the Divine.

            A few years ago it was popular in certain circles to say, “WORD” when someone made a statement we accepted as profound or true. It is our hope that after reading this presentation, no matter how profound it is or is not found to be, we will all redefine and aptly apply; WORD –– Wisdom is only Obtained through Revelation of the Divine.

            Reconciling what we know of God’s word, His character, and His involvement in our day-to-day activities with our understanding, expectations, and overall life experience is the essence of any great philosophical question. All too often we get trapped in the question and miss the revelation of God’s peace and presence in our lives. We burden ourselves attempting to discover Why, When, and How Long while God is at work developing in us trust, obedience, and complete dependence upon Him. God is loving, just, compassionate and merciful. He is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and He is at work in each life that will make a commitment to Him. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

            Trusting the Lord requires us to let go of our own wisdom. We need to come past our education, move beyond our comfort zone and simply trust God. For most adults trust is developed slowly over time. Children are born trusting, but as adults we have problems offering our trust freely to others. We have been driven to suspicion based on our life experiences. Mistrust does not have to be; and, in fact, should not be our primary response. Our past does not determine our future. Yet, we do not show the grace of God to others by open acceptance.

            We have the ability through our relationship with Christ to do all things. Surely we understand and are willing to apply the scripture that teaches: We can do all things through Him. Still, we struggle with trust. We live by the adage: “If you want something done right, you better do it yourself.” This attitude, along with our many failed attempts to depend on others creates huge roadblocks to faith. Once the barriers to trust exist, only the grace of God can overcome them. Disappointments and problems in human relationships fight against us trusting anyone, even God.

            Examining God’s character teaches us He can be trusted. There are three places I have found His character readily visible –– Nature, The lives of believers, and the Bible. All three reveal glimpses into the attributes of God. Wisdom is only Obtained through Revelation of the Divine. If we explore the word of God we find this overwhelming truth: God can be trusted. If we explore the lives of believers we find reflections of faith, hope, love, and grace. If we explore nature, we find order, majesty, beauty, and a sense of eternity. (Numbers 23:19)

            God demonstrates His trustworthiness by His actions. God verifies both His faithfulness and His interest in our lives through the examples of His involvement in the lives recorded in scripture. He invites us to put Him to the test. He wants us to be blessed and prosper. God’s desire for us is to experience the full measure of His love, grace, forgiveness and healing. He requires that we be faithful in our demonstrations of these attributes to others.

            Wisdom is building a community of believers that make more than a surface acknowledgement to the existence of God. Learning from His word, practicing His teachings, investing our time, talent and treasure in His Kingdom each motivate us to fulfill all that the Lord commands. (Micah 6:8)

            What we know of the word of God must become the foundation of our lives. Our relationship with Jesus Christ must be the corner stone. Being measured by the living and active word of God as our standard transforms our expectations. Our expectations direct our actions and the results are seen in the blessing promised by the word of God. Ordering our lives according to the pattern of God’s word opens the door for the revelation of His presence.

            WORDWisdom is only Obtained through Revelation of the Divine. God is calling His people to put their lives in order according to His Word. Any time we talk about getting our lives in order we generally begin with financial issues. Everybody is interested in the bottom line. What are the costs and what are the benefits? (Malachi 3:10)

            Our state of blessing and prosperity cannot be born out of either need or greed. Instead it is born from the trust we place in Him. If we are honest, we can trace most of the problems in our lives back to the root of self-indulgence. Getting what we want, when we want and where we want defines the world we find ourselves in; but, the world God intends for us is centered around the prosperity of our souls – not our self-centered demands. Trusting God for our finances insures our success in what God has called us to do. The skill we have to accomplish the task is in itself a gift from God.

            This world is harsh, negative, and cruel. God’s plan is that we overcome the world and He has gifted us to that end. Begin seeing the abilities we have as more than chance happening. Plan to impact our society. As a teacher I have seen several gifted children within my classroom experience, and as a Pastor I have known many wonderful people with talents that would be of great and lasting benefit to the Kingdom of God. The sad fact is potential often goes unrealized. Overcoming the world is a constant struggle and ability is not all it takes to succeed. In the same way that Moses called out skilled people from among the children of Israel to build the Tabernacle, we are being called to accomplish something for God. (Exodus 36:2)

            The Lord gives us the ability, but ability is only half the equation. We, in order to succeed, bring to the task willingness to work. Our effort mixed with our God-given ability allows Spirit-empowered effectiveness to operate in our lives. Do we take the time to examine our gifts? Do we use the gifts we have in the areas they flow best? Do we examine our own motivation? The reason we employ our willingness with the ability God has given us cannot be avarice, pride, or personal gain. (Proverbs 28:25)

            Prosperity is the byproduct of the blessing of God upon our lives. Wisdom is only Obtained through Revelation of the Divine. The Holy Spirit is leading us to accept and apply the truth of scripture. God’s people can find wisdom and be blessed. God’s word is judging the attitudes of our heart. He desires that we trust Him completely. The wisdom and understanding to be gained through the life of faith out-weigh any of the comforts or conflicts of this world.

            When we use our God-given talents in the pursuit of wisdom, Spirit-empowered effectiveness and spiritual growth, we secure God’s blessing. Invite God to direct us according to His plan today and He will bless us with wisdom from His Word. The Holy Spirit is given to lead us into the truth. God can and will do more than we ask or think. Believe the word of the Lord. Use the gifts He has given. Grow and prosper in the life of faith. (Proverbs 3:13-14)

            We will be blessed, when we find the Wisdom that God reveals through the Word. There are a few steps that can help us arrive at that destination. The necessary steps are prayer, study, fellowship, and reflection. Scripture is only understood through faith. Faith is built on the solid rock, Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit leads, guides, directs, and corrects through our daily relationship with Jesus. Fellowship with other believers can challenge and will strengthen us. None of us can adequately grow spiritually on our own. We need the balance that fellowship offers. Depend upon the WORD today. Trust God and live according to His plan. Stay connected in fellowship. Examine and explore the gifts God has given you. Seek the Lord and He will be found. WORDWisdom is only Obtained through Revelation of the Divine.

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