Sunday, July 5, 2015


Romans 9:15-16 “For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.” (KJV)

Maximum Effort Radiating Christ (in) You

            Who among us does not relish being on the receiving end when MERCY is being passed out? We flourish and thrive when we feel love, encouragement, and heart-felt compassion. Our lives are richer and more rewarding as mercy flows. Every blessing in our lives, in fact our very lives, depend on the mercies of God. None of us can say we deserve His mercy, and no one can explain why we experience His mercy. We can only enjoy the mercies of the Lord.

            We cannot buy, trade, control, or change the mercies of God. His mercy does not depend upon us, but we cannot survive without it.  As a child growing up in church, there were many quips and catch phrases that were designed to help shape us into what God was calling us to become. They could be heard in any conversation with believers. “Stay under the spout where the glory comes out” is a favorite. Looking back on that time in life it is impossible to recall anyone really teaching how to accomplish that goal, and no one ever explained how much work it was to stay under that spout. Staying there takes maximum effort. It does cost something. MERCYMaximum Effort Radiating Christ (in) You calls upon each of us to work at maintaining relationship. Staying under the spout where the glory comes out requires us individually to make the effort, carry the weight, build the Kingdom, and support each other. (Romans 14:19)

            Those who have been blessed by the mercies of God have the responsibility to keep that blessing flowing. The floodgates of God’s mercy are open. We cannot control the flow. We cannot choose the direction of the flow; but we can cut ourselves off from it. We are to radiate Christ. According to Webster’s New World College Dictionary, the word means to give forth or spread out something — heat, light, love, happiness, etc.  These all flow from a central location. For us, as Christians, the source is Christ in us. (Colossians 1:24-27)

            God has chosen to reveal His truth in two ways, first through the written revelation communicated to every generation, and second through our lives as we live them in light of that revelation. His word in its fullness is proclaimed by our actions. Christ in each one of us is the hope of glory. The glorious riches of His grace are to be made known through us as we live our faith.

            Our individual relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ, shine in the darkness of this world and we reflect the perfection of our Heavenly Father. Together we are the body of Christ. The testimonies each of us shares make the individual important. Christ in you is the hope of glory. Christ in you incorporates you into the body of Christ. Christ in you meets every need. The church is built up, encouraged and strengthened as we fill up what is lacking by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit — Christ in us. Every person has a unique calling and gift set to employ in the Kingdom of God. The responsibility is ours. The effort in preserving the unity of the body is ours. The love, glory, mercy, and grace are His. (Matthew 5:43-48)

            The standard of behavior set for us goes beyond the standard set for non-Christians. Jesus taught us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. It is by those actions that we are recognized as children of God. There is a level of dependence upon the Holy Spirit that is not easily achieved. We rarely think of the amount of effort it takes to let go of our human nature. We do not count the cost of perfection. Jesus, as our example, emptied Himself in our behalf. He had the authority to act differently. He had the power to do just whatever He desired to do; yet, He emptied Himself and was obedient to the will of God. (Philippians 2:5-8)

            Too often we attempt to make ourselves something and miss the plan God has for us. Maximum Effort Radiating Christ (in) You – MERCY, will bring every individual to the point of emptying themselves in order for the glory of God to shine out of their lives. We will stop pushing, shoving and trying to make ourselves something and realize – Christ in us is everything. (Luke 6:27-31)
            God chooses who He will have mercy on according to His sovereign will. We cannot change it. He does not depend on us to let Him know who is worthy. He does not consult us for our opinion at all concerning His plan. He simply offers us the opportunity to carry out His will, and treat everyone, as we would like to be treated. He offers us the privilege, as His children, to show His mercy, grace and love to a world in need of a savior. He allows the hope of glory to shine in us drawing the world to Jesus Christ. We all depend upon the MERCY of God and we make every effort to radiate Christ through our actions. MERCYMaximum Effort Radiating Christ (in) You; Let that be our challenge today and every day. (Colossians 2:9-10) 

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